It's all around you.

Whoever you are, wherever you go, whatever you see and however you get there... design is an integral part of the human experience. Every moment, of every day, our world surrounds us with images and messages both in both their natural and man-made form.

And in a world where we are bombarded at every turn with visual cues and messages, you need to know your message is going to get some attention.

At JSDCreative we specialise in exactly that. Identifying your message, creating a visual presence for it, and giving it a voice.

About JSD Creative

JSD Creative is run by Jill Schulman, a graphic and web designer and photographer with over 20 years experience in the creative industry.

Jill studied Fine Arts in Cape Town, South Africa, with majors in drawing, sculpture and photography. Jill's resume includes over 10 years experience in in-house design positions, with another decade in running her own succesful design business.

Graphic & Web Design

Jill's niche market is in luxury products, particularly diamonds and jewellery. Her wide experience, expertise and versatility in this area gives her added value when assessing your business needs, as she combines a keen understanding of both B2B and B2C sectors with valuable technological insight. She has project-led several large-scale projects from the ground up, and is ideally situated to work together with a team of professionals in creating the presence you need to bring your business online.


Jill has never lost her passion for photography and it still remains one of her first loves.

Jill can work with you in putting together catalogue images of your product range, and in preparing them for web and print. In addition, she is available for commissioned portrait and family photography sessions.


» AGTA (American Gem Trade Association)

» Diamond Virgin

» Fusion Alternatives

» Israeli Diamond Exchange

» Diamond Day

» Adira Energy

» Crazy Richard

» Israel Military Products

» Attractive Diamonds

» Traveller Tours

» Uncoiled

» Diamond Market

» Bullion Market


» Email: jill [at]

» Cell: +972-54-5581212

Traveller Tours

Logo for Traveller Tours, a rebranded and relaunched travel agent with physical and online presence.

Uncoiled Matresses

Development of logo for memory foam mattress distributor and reseller.

Development of logo and identity for Fusion Alternatives, a boutique investment advisory and diamond trading firm specialising in investment-grade polished diamonds and global diamond tenders.


Logo for Rap-Ex, a new specialised diamond courier division offered by the Rapaport Group.
Incorporates corporate palette, reference to Rapaport and elements of Rapaport Group logo.

Development of new logo and relaunch of, an online diamond and jewellery e-commerce website.

Logo development for Graham Island Lodge, an upscale lodge in British Columbia, Canada, catering for salmon fishing as well as numerous on-shore activities. Located in pristine wilderness area of Canada.

Logo development for Monk Family Office, a family office specialising in generational wealth and asset management.

Logo and development of Diamond Celebrations, an online diamond and jewelry e-commerce site.

AGTA Spectrum Awards Commemorative 25 Years Look Book logo and book design.

Project managed relaunch of succesful online store specialising in IDF surplus and IDF-related T-shirts and merchandise. Content development for info page content. Ongoing web maintenance, email marketing and brochure campaigns for this client.
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Designed and project managed creation of new multi-language online store, specialising in urban t-shirts and personalised T-shirt design. Please note, since launch, the site has undergone some design modifications by the owner.
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Diamond and jewellery e-commerce site. Site design, platform design, project management. A custom e-commerce platform was developed for this niche site. Collaberative content writing plus editing.
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Investment diamond e-commerce, research and news site.
Site combines open-source turnkey e-commerce solution with robust CMS.
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Report design for Fusion Alternatives, as extension of identity and collateral package.

Logo and business card for crafting and party decor business.

Self promo logo and business card.

Flyer design for Bnei Akiva Jewish Youth organisation, opening of St. Louis chapter.

The AGTA Spectrum Awards 25 year Commemoration Book, featuring winning designs from the last 25 years.

Specturm Awards Look Book 2009, featuring winning designs in all categories.

Promotional brochure for annual AGTA Tucson GemFair Exhibition.

Show Your Color - one of a series of mailers developed for the AGTA to promote various professional services offered by the AGTA to the retail sector.

Origin Report and Gemstone Identification Report - two of a series of mailers developed for the AGTA to promote various professional services offered by the AGTA to the retail sector.

Twin baby boy shoot from photography portfolio.

Studio shoot from photography portfolio.

From photography portfolio.

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